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Just about everyone knows someone who has been bullied, in ways big and small. Understandably, though, many victims are reluctant to speak about their experiences. We found some who aren't.


  • This is a caption.

    July 11 Sweet homecoming for Caroline Kole

    BY SEAN DALY, Times Pop Music Critic

    Caroline Kole, formerly Suite Caroline, formerly Caroline Kudelko, swears “not much has changed” since she was an 11-year-old pop-country upstart living in Tampa ...

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    July 10 Emma Robinson: The real deal

    Editor's note: Check out  this video recorded by the Tampa Bay Times, and hear Emma for yourself.

    BY JAY CRIDLIN, tbt* staff writer

    A rising junior at St. Petersburg ...

    Filed in music

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    June 21 things two* do: Rainbow River

    BY KATIE LAMONT,  East Lake High

    Just two hours north of Tampa Bay in the shady town of Dunnellon, the Rainbow River is just waiting for you to take a ...

    Filed in blogs

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    June 21 Surf's up, summer's here

    By LOUIE CASTILLO, Clearwater Central Catholic

    As the season's first named storm loomed and my Facebook feed exploded with forlorn statuses (Starting summer off with rain  #mad”) I earnestly ...

    Filed in life, sports

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    June 21 Concert review: Grizzly Bear hugs all around

    BY KATIE LAMONT, East Lake High

    Fans were more than ready to see indie rock band Grizzly Bear, making their first visit to the Tampa Bay area this week.

    The ...

    Filed in music

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    June 2 Do something meaningful: Volunteer at Hospice

    Hey, Pinellas county students, in need of Bright Future hours? The Suncoast Hospice is looking for volunteers to help with everything from throwing parties to assisting in the administrative offices ...

    Filed in life

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    May 31 Longing for lime

    BY DIANNE LEE, Berkeley Preparatory

    This isn’t lime.

    These were the first words that came into my mind after I popped a green Skittle in my mouth recently. That ...

    Filed in food

  • This is a caption.

    May 31 Song for Sandy Hook, and a young brother

    BY ALEX PASSAUR, Blake High

    When Blake High sophomore Makaylah Caschette learned about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut last December, all she could think about was Mason ...

    Filed in music, life

  • This is a caption.

    May 23 Prom dream ends in drama

    By JEFFREY S. SOLOCHEK, Times Staff Writer

    All Diana Byrnes wanted was for her daughter, Caroline, to attend the River Ridge High School prom.

    She never expected it would end ...

    Filed in prom

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    May 23 Attorneys see no gay bias in teen sex case

    By LEONORA LAPETER ANTON, Times Staff Writer

    The two girls met playing high school basketball in a small community on the east coast of Florida and had a sexual relationship ...

    Filed in life

  • This is a caption.

    May 23 Through all the pain, one goal: graduation

    By Lisa Gartner, Times Staff Writer

    The teenagers all began itching in the springtime, for their yearbooks, for the final bell, for summer break, for it all. It was ...

    Filed in life

  • This is a caption.

    May 21 Strait over the top

    BY ALEC CARVER AND ANDY FULLERTON, tb-two* correspondents

    All hail King George! Last week, country stalwart George Strait set a new industry milestone: 60 songs certified as No. 1 hits ...

    Filed in music

  • May 14 Trying to find a movie medium

    BY EMILY HARWELL, Berkeley Preparatory

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a sophisticated taste in movies. While my friends are obsessing over Black Swan ...

    Filed in movies and TV

  • May 14 Netflix addicts tell all

    BY ELLIE RODRIGUEZ, Hillsborough High

    “Netflix is the best thing ever created in this world,” Aleesha Mundra, a sophomore at Hillsborough High, shouted from across the classroom.

    It would seem ...

    Filed in movies and TV

  • This is a caption.

    May 14 More than a passing glance

    BY LILLIAN SKYE NOBLE, St. Petersburg Collegiate High

    As cliched as it sounds, Danielle Sanchez says, she fell in love at first sight.

    The St. Petersburg Collegiate High junior was ...

    Filed in life

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